Are you afraid of Death?

When I was sixteen, a boyfriend said during one of our many debates on the existence or not of God: "What if we decide not to believe, and wake up one day to realise we were wrong all along. Maybe we should hedge our bets just in case." I tried to do that, but I was the original "Doubting Thomas". I went through periods of believing in a higher being; then sometimes my belief would evaporate like the morning dew, just as quickly as it had appeared. Now I realise that "the truth" might be outside of our limited human understanding. I like the introduction to the following trailer, but would take issue with it as it progresses. The conclusions are very depressing. It speaks to the head, and not to the heart, as it draws to its dark conclusions. It is not recommended that you watch the complete video, unless, of course, that you agree with its premises.