Why have I chosen the following photo from my place of birth, Grafton, taken in 1924, as a header to this post? For several reasons:
  • I like it very much, firstly¬† because of its classical and historical attributes, as well as for the varied expressions and actions of the¬† subjects in the photograph.
  • It's from my family album, showing my paternal grandparents, "Pop" and "Ma", at reverse ends of the photo, with their tennis group.
  • For me, it illustrates, metaphorically and visually, some of the aspects underpinning the concepts of Voice and Point of View. The varied poses and personas of the subjects lead me to ask what each person is doing, thinking, feeling and expressing in this photo. What have they just said, or are about to?
This is reminiscent of the questions asked by the author when managing point of view and voice in modern fiction. 1924-tennis-season