A Genteel Ghost

a true story by Roger Britton
I never believed in ghosts before, but now I am not quite sure … perhaps a "presence" is what I mean ... St Mary’s Convent and school, in Warren, central New South Wales, had been the home for Josephite nuns for over one hundred years. A shortage of vocations meant that they could no longer staff the school. I had accepted the position of the new lay Principal. This old, two-storey convent, with its iron lacework verandahs, was to be our home. With my wife, Angela and our four children, we moved in during the Christmas holidays of 1977. A willing band of excited children carted bedding, toys and toiletry items up the stairs. Angela unpacked and set about organising the kitchen boxes and food, knowing that hunger would soon call us to table. [caption id="attachment_11694" align="aligncenter" width="619"]convent-building-warren The Lovely Old Convent Building in Warren[/caption]

My Year with Sammy by Libby Sommer

Have you ever had, or known, or heard tell of a child who was amazing, beautiful, special, and ... difficult? Not just difficult, but impossible? Impossible to discipline, impossible to educate, impossible to fit in ... tearing her families apart ... yet unable to be slotted into any medico/psychological framework? And she was the most amazing, beautiful, gifted child that ever walked the face of the earth?  That was  Sammy. If so, I'm sure you'll want to read Libby Sommer's novel, "My Year with Sammy". It's just been published by a small publishing firm, Ginnindera Press, in Australia, but can also be bought as an e-book from Amazon.