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I have been researching e-book and traditional book publishing for several years now, but I'm going to be lazy and share with you these points passed on to me by Andy McDermott, head of Publicious Publishing, http://www.publicious.com.au/, which I can highly recommend as Andy published Bondi Tides, Bondi Writers Group's anthology of short stories. http://www.andymcdermott.com/

Printed books Pros: 1. Most books nowadays are printed using sustainable and/or recycled materials 2. Print on Demand (POD) books can be sold via the online stores and printed one at a time at the buyer’s expense 3. With digital printing, high quality books can now be printed in smaller quantities while remaining affordable 4. For authors, books are essential for book signings and events 5. For entrepreneurs, books can be sold at seminars and events and are often referred to as the modern day business card 6. Children’s books can be interactive with music and buttons and also used for colouring in 7. Books make great gifts 8. Books look good on bookshelves especially a leather bound classic or a colourful coffee table book 9. A good book will be cherished and read 10. A bad book can still be used as a door stop